Monday, November 3, 2008

I'm the NGAM

Hi! I am Ngam. I know i'm nobody in this class or maybe 多余的...
To 2 Lian:
Thanks for bring so much happiness to me.
Its time to say good bye to 2 Lian, although i still a little miss this class.
But this is the fact that we must face, so...... whatever. But i will still
remember you all.
-D.O.B: 17/1 (nobody remember it before)
-tel number: 0126372062
To Kelly:
I have to admit that you are a good teacher, but i think you a little too
kind this year and don't always say the pass how fierce you are, if it is
true, show it!
I should be the one to say thanks. You also help me a lot this year
, but i only use my mouth to say, so...... thanks a lot. You are the
best friend i know this year. And also thanks for staying back to
play basketball with me.
Sorry for what i say to you, please don't mad at me. And you shall
change your reading style because you will become crazy if you
keep reading like this.
If not because of the one day trip, we won't able to know how close
are your house and my house actually are, so lets hang out together
when free.
You're quit funny some times, but don't always act like a 老大. I know
you aren't a person like this.

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